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Slot Machine Glitch

Dont you hate it when the slot machine consumes your money, glitches out, and just freezes. Because this happened to me 2 times. And I didnt even get a chance to see if I got my prize or not. Please fix this glitch. I dont want to waste any more money.


Inglish: Keep the football please Portuguese: Nao tire o football porfavor


Football is the best game mode! Keep the football!!


Easy to learn, hard to master

Full stars if

if you implement multiplayer mode I will give you 5 stars ❤️


This game is so fun to play in your spare time! Also it is so nice that I can play two player whenever someone wants to play to!!!


Plz let thé soccer i dont want it temporary I want the soccer mode forever. The soccer mode make the game very cool


I usually never write reviews, but this new update is just so amazing that I feel I had to. Drive Ahead has always been a great game, but this update brought it from just great to one of THE BEST mobile games I have ever played. Too bad its limited time only tho.


This game is awesome. But... PLZ DONT REMOVE SOCCER ITS SO AWESOME


Tried to update and it wont load and I will never be able to get ANYTHING on my iPad EVER AGAIN thanks for ruining my iPad experience. From your smallllllllllllllleeeeeeeeesssssssssttttttttt fffffaaaaaannnnn

The best but one thing

This app is amazing I love the wifi multiplayer thing but can you please add a Bluetooth feature to the Wi-Fi. Plz

Soccer Glitch

I love the soccer nose if the opposing car did not get stuck in the car a lot and only spin in the net

Wifi buggy

Great game but the wifi is buggy


I love the new wifi 2p mode but I wish you could choose your vehicle. I dont care much for the soccer mode but its still a cool idea, keep doing what youre doing! :)


So glad that you finally added multiplayer! But please try to add Bluetooth and/or Gamecenter.

Terrible terrible terrible!

How are you supposed to win the games!? The makers made it so hard you feel bad about yourself and you want to break your phone or tablet! Couldnt the creators of this game make it easier?!

Bad game

One of the levels is rlly unfair Its called David and Goliath, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PASS IT. Make it so you can skip levels


KEEP THE SOCCER! And make it better its REALLY fun. Love the game btw.

Cant win

Its the worst you can never win when you want to and then you just get mad

I hate this game

I got unfair car I AM THE SMALL!ONE MY OPOnnent got a better one

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